Stacy Kessler for Treasure Trove NYC  New Handbag Line Pre Launch Gone Viral

Whether you heard it form me or through the grape vine, the first collection of Stacy Kessler for Treasure Trove NYC started hitting the store shelves…
For Price list and Order form; Wholesale and Retail orders email

Crime Scene summer 2014

Stacy Kessler for Treasure Trove NYC is officially launching this summer 2014….my very own line of fashionable affordable eco-friendly handbags will be in your favorite stores soon! For price list and inquiries email

Stacy Kessler for Treasure Trove NYC

Stacy Kessler is a New York based actress whose childhood was a blend of tomboyish rants with her 3 older brothers: riding dirt bikes and go carts, climbing trees and playing cowboys and Indians, whose true passion for acting and fashion have come to life.

This collaboration is a natural materialization of her passion of acting with her love of fashion.

Stacy Kessler for Treasure Trove NYC is designed in New York and produced with environmental and animal friendly concerns. Portions of net sales are given to select charities.

Treasure Trove NYC is a New York based company owned and curated by Bruce Snell, a jewelry designer and fashion consultant who specializes in antique to modern designs.

You can try to keep up with Stacy’s latest ventures by:

Facebook: Page/187810667897685

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Thank you my Friends for celebrating my birthday with me

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Birthday with the Girls!

Birthdays come and go but friendships, nourished and cherished…

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Thoroughly enjoyed Rory Culkin’s performance in his movie ‘Gabriel’ at The Tribeca Film Festival. Incredible
This portrait illustrated by Ian Sklarsky (who does millions) without siting the drawing pad until the color is applied. Simply amazing 🙂

EAT GREENS  a wonderful cookbook by Liz Trovato (over 500 unique recipes for cooking veggies) inspired me to make Stacy's own braised vegetable soup!  The book is available on Amazon

Eat Greens 😉

Walt Frazier III Business Event

Great times at the business networking event last night with Daphney Grier from Savior Faire at Walt Frazier’s restaurant NYC!

Meditation symposium at The UN yesterday with old and new friends!

Thank you Angelee and Pat xo