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NY Fashion Week 9/2013

Dr Kassir’s Fahion Show NYC 2013

This weekends Rundown, click on the link and scroll a few inches down, I am featured here in ‘Girls We Love”  X  (hehehe)

” Shirley” and Lynne Schaeffer MUA

With the end of summer slowly approaching, Fashion Week kicking off and the scent of Autumn lingering in the chilly night, I look back at the summer of 2013 with a big smile and sentimental memories. The three Off Broadway Plays that I performed in August taught me how to persevere when presented with inconceivable challenges and not to ever give up! By the end of August, I became Heidi, Shirley, and Lydia and often catch myself in every day life using actual lines from the three plays, sometimes I feel like I become Heidi, Shirley or Lydia. :))

September Fashion week in NYC brings about great opportunities which I am so grateful for. Thank you to my friends and fans for inviting me to walk the runway and attend your events and shows! *Dr Kassir’s fashion show faces of beauty Tuesday night, George Wayne’s endless celebrations throughout the week and Michael Kulava’s Tumblr N Tipsy extravaganza…plenty of photos to come. Be safe and fashionable 😉

<img src="; class="size-full" alt=" 8/13 Stacy plays Lydia Mason in the Off-Broadway Play “The Lane’ at the Producers Club

Sunset Beach

I just want to say Thank You to all of my Fans and Friends. Without you I would never have the chance at this business… X

Sara and Stacy

This month of Off-Broadway HOOPLA has been a sensational experience for me! Ending this summer celebrating my friend Sara’s birthday at the swanky ‘Ace Hotel’. Fun times, great people. 🙂