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My first professional stock care race at the Bullring Raceway Las Vegas Image

not only afforded me the opportunity to witness first hand men in race cars travelling at speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour for 66 lap sprints, but I was honored to announce “Gentlemen start your engines!!!” and wave the Green flag at the commencement of the race. I remained in the tower for the duration of the race so I was literally on top of the track looking down at the race cars.  I also had the opportunity to interview some notorious race car drivers Dave Byrd and Jim Pettit 11, racers pictured, prior to the race, some of whom were incolved in a 6 pile up wreck.  We honestly didn’t know if they were dead or alive after flipping over their cars, spinning out of 360’s and slamming head on into the concrete divider. The whole race from qualifying to the end winner was an intense experience, certainly not for the faint of heart.

My first professional stock care race at the

Billy The Artist, best known for his  cool SWATCH designs!

Billy The Artist @ The Bowery Hotel/Ballroom 5/1/13

The Bowery Hotel (Ballroom event May 1st, a memorable evening)

music, great artists, pythons and performers, a great way to celebrate my birthday in Manhattan

MSU Graduating Film Class w Producer/friend Frank Drucker!

MSU Film Class of 2013, end of the year party.

MSU film class w Frank Drucker after class party!  First cheers to my birthday

w/ MSU promising film students celebrating my birthday!