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Al Sharpton guest at Aretha's birthday party last night

Yes, that’s Al!

Aretha Franklin's Bday Party at The Ritz Carlton NYC

I LOVE NY… It was one of the greatest nights @ The Ritz Carlton NYC being in the presence of Aretha Franklin on her birthday, simply elegant.

Married to a mobster Greenpoint Brooklyn filming Inside the American Mob History Channel

w/ My son and my husband

Sverre Bjnetres NorwegianImage artist

Sometimes when things are going really well, meeting some very cool people, landing jobs and even better auditions it somehow feels like a day at a theme park, and at the same time, as if it’s all going in slow motion. Focusing, working very hard and making things happen in any world, especially in this world of entertainment is a test of determination and will power.

Check out the incredible drama in Norma Desmond’s performance in the movie ‘Sunset Strip’

On set @ Spice Market NYC Campaign for Spring 2013  NYC taxi tv's :}

w/ Director Jack Taylor Shoot Manager Cyrus McNeal


Winter Film Festival  2/13 NYC   'The Cost Of Living'

In this film, I played the role of the interrogator.