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NYC  w friend Brooke Gantt  Model/author

‘Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model’. not very glamorous…but the book is inspirational.

Broadway Musical Motown Cast

Broadway Musical Motown is a must see!

Bryant Park NYC 1/2013 Sing & Skate Against Breast Cancer

Nello Restaurant NYC

Nick Nastase, Nello, Jon Simion , 1/25

Michael Scotti Jr  'Time Capsule'

Look at that sign!
A real life Real Estate Agent, woud you buy a house if I were selling?
Thank you Michael Scotti Jr. and crew for ‘Time Capsule’ for a great film experience.

Shoshana Meroz defines aging gracefully

“This is who/what I want to be when I grow up”….
We met in the dressing room at Steps Dance Studio this past Friday. This peppy, beautiful woman is Israeli born Shoshana Meroz, a lovely 86 year old ballerina who says. “I dance anytime I want to dance, I know what’s good for me”! Shoshana’s brother owns and operates the largest ballet in Israel,”The Israel Ballet”.

Tonight’s Screening for the short film in which I played the’mom’ was Great! Thank you Christina Raia

2013  new headshot

2013 will be an interesting year 4 sure, it already is! I wish everyone peace, love, good health and just a little bit of success 😉

Senses Salon and Spa NYC

Friend/Owner of Senses Salon and Spa Bruce Conroy. Senses is a full service salon, and I mean it, they even have a tattoo artist on staff…5th Ave and 19th Street.

Cast and crew Time Capsule

Michael Scotti JR director/producer Time Capsule in which I play the role fo the Real Estate Agent/Mom