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…this week has been focused on working on a made for television series airing in India that will broadcast in the US as well. Central Park, by the fountain, has been the main location and provides incredible cinematic landscapes. I am happy to be a part of this exciting project. =)

Today I auditioned for the mom in a feature film and it was the most rewarding one I have had to date!  After meeting the 12 year old star of the movie, I had the opportunity to audition with him in the room.  He said he was moved by my monologue and the director said, “well, I can see that your hard work is paying off”. I loved that I “moved” the people in the room and I felt that I accomplished what I set out to do as an actress. Their comments and the expressions on their faces are the stuff that makes it all worthwhile,  =)


Bottega Veneta bl velvet wedge

…not so sexy, but very comfy!

A NY day of Fashion/Style  Bag, Shoes, Jewelry

Givenchy oversized Bag Bl & Navy are the best colors @Bergdorf Goodman, favorite store!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone find joy and peace during this Thanksgiving Holiday ;=)

<img src="; class="size-full" alt="Frank Dagastino at Mr H Mondrian Soho @ fundraiser hosted by Elisa Goodkind

Heading to Fundraiser (for aftermath of Sandy) Entertainment party at the Mondrian Soho Hotel tonight! Audition for successful Wall Street securities analyst tomorrow. Landed a role in a feature film Whoo!

On set

Its been quite the week, imagine dressing like this every day!

Movement tracking device; see me running at Central Park (purple top, blck pants,1/2 way through the commercial , right after the swimmer!)