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So much chaos…I am sorry for all of the people effected by Sandy. I wish I could do something to help…please lmk if anyone I know can use a helping hand. I am going stir crazy, heading out for a run and then to replant my Chrysanthemum’s. 

…besides my gold and purple Chrysanthemums getting blown around a bit, we still have power! Just made potato leek soup, salad and fired up some steaks. I auditioned for a made for television movie Whoo Hoo!~Can’t wait till this storm blows over! pheew

…this storm waiting is so weird, wondering what will happen tonight when we go to sleep. As long as my house doesn’t blow away I will probably sleep through everything!  Auditioned for the roles of a mob wife, killer and doggy spa owner Ha!  

It’s FUN dressing up for Halloween with my friend Aisha, what do you think of this get up “a little country”?ImageImage



Autumnal colors, Halloween masquerades and hanging out with good friends this weekend.  Audition Friday X



Fitness commercial “running” in Central Park was Great! Stopped into the VIP lounge at Polo on Madison for a quick change before my business development meeting…GORGEOUS, made for a Princess. =)   3 auditions coming up and preparing for a portfolio shoot. 
















Its Monday and the sun is shining!  Call back today, fitness commercial Wednesday and business development   meetings. Then I am Wonder Woman..XOImage





photo (2).JPG Wonder Woman! XO

…excited about the exercise commercial this week!  2 auditions Monday, got a call back =)…

I have my eye on this vintage YSL bag here.  Do you like it?  Please vote yes or no?Image

Somebody must be doing something right up there, ;=) I have received more invitations to audition for various film/tv projects in the past 48 hours than ever!  whoopeee =)

My audition in Williamsburg Brooklyn was worth it, I landed an exercise commercial! =)Plenty of auditions this week to prepare for while developing a brand.  Art show gallery opening Thursday night.  I am so lucky to have the old friends I have had and my new friends, they are all very important to me!

Kickstarting the new week; exercise video casting tomorrow ;=), a couple of auditions, Gallery event later in the week!

Would love to get your vote on this new pic for my timeline….yes or no?Image

Kickstarting th…